Wheal Martyn (1933 Items)

Wheal Martyn MuseumWheal Martyn is Britain’s only china clay museum. It has a large and important collection of photographs and film documenting over 130 years of the china clay industry in mid-Cornwall.

The collection shows the evolution of china clay extraction over the twentieth century, with images of horses, water-wheels, beam engines, and locomotives. More recent photographs show how mechanised extraction has altered the landscape of the area. Community life in the ‘Clay Country’ is also shown through images of the Bugle Band Contest, pantomimes, pensioners’ dinners, sports events and the impact of the World Wars.

The Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum occupies a 26 acre site which includes the Victorian remains of two former china clay works, just two miles from St. Austell in the heart of the Clay Country.  The site incorporates a visitor attraction, Accredited Museum, Scheduled Ancient Monument, woodland walks and spectacular views into the Wheal Martyn clay pit, which still operates today.

Wheal Martyn is open daily from 29th March to 30th October between 10am and 5pm and from 31st October to 23rd December between 10am – 4pm.

To find out more visit the Wheal Martyn website.

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