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The Gundry Collection is an extraordinary collection of over 500 Cornish voices.

During his radio career with the BBC, Ted set out to preserve the day-to-day activities of those living in the Duchy. Ted's passion to comprehensively capture Cornish life took him overseas to those parts of the world where Cornish miners ventured and settled, masters of their skill in hard rock mining.

The result is a diverse range of content and approach including news stories, documentary articles, formal interviews and reporting from live events such as annual festivals and traditions. However, the majority of the recordings in the collection capture recollections, stories and histories in a relaxed and conversational tone which is a hallmark feature of a Gundry recording. In the unedited master of a recording Ted can often be heard saying “this is just you and I having a chat” and his subjects often seem to forget that the tape is running at all. His genuine interest in and enjoyment of the story being told result in an intimacy, warmth and humour that are hallmark features of Ted's recordings. The professional quality of the sound recording is assisted by Ted's determination to edit his work in a way that brings out the best in his subject and their story.

This collection reflects the rich tapestry of Cornish life, told by those who lived through a rapidly changing world. Despite the passing of many of these characters and the disappearance of their way of life, their recollections are preserved here to be enjoyed by future generations.

Ted Gundry was a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh, with the bardic name of 'Covathor Covyon', meaning 'Recorder of Memories'. He was presented with the Sir Richard Trant Memorial Award in 2015 by Cornwall Heritage Trust in recognition of his work as a Heritage Champion. Colin Edwards, Chairman of the award committee, commented “Ted looked after the spoken heritage of Cornwall…recording, commentating and contributing to Cornish heritage and making it available to all.”

Ted passed away on Thursday 14th April 2016. He was a wonderful friend to us all at Azook and we will miss him.

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