Helston County Secondary School, 1971

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Whole school including the following teachers and pupils: Nicholas Casley, Richard Burgess, Stephen Hough, Philip Seager, Anthony Hosking, Philip Burgess, David Jane, Anthony Miller, Nigel Pryor, John Hilll, Raymond Williams, Christopher Hough, Graham Combellick, Colin Caddy, Timothy, Nicholas Pryor, Timothy George, Keith Pilgrim, Michael Legge, Kingsley Richards, Stephen Trewin, Stephen Richards, Diane Williams, Jenny Pearce, Patricia Roberts, Mandy Stevens, Brenda Barter, Sarah Legge, Petula Collins, Sandra Roberts, Jocelyn Johnson, Wendy Roberts, Penny Johnson, Julie Walters, Judith Boiston, Mandy Phillips, Rachel Treloar, Nicola Skewes, Caroline Hendy, James Hunt, Nigel Hill, Ian Mitchell, Malcolm Smitheram, Billy Orchard, Andrew Dunford, Christine Roberts, Carol Judd, Yvonne Johnson, Janet Skewes, Mandy Colling, Jane Maddern, Stephen Shirbird, Ian Mackintosh, Kim Moreton, Lucy Faull, Susan Ellis, Tamsin Bastian, Verena Julian, Rosemary Benny, Barbara Cox, Mrs Carr, Mrs O'Rourke, Mr Rogers, Mrs Woodman, Mr Battershill, Mr Angel, Beatrice Curnow, Mr Martin, Mr Kay, Mrs Pearce (nee Dunn), Mr Hadwin, Tony Hosking, Mrs Peek, Mrs Morgan, Hamish Wilson, Peter Williams.

Helston County Secondary School was formerly known as Helston Secondary Modern School. In the sixties and early seventies the Penrose Road school was known locally as the ‘Green School’ because of its uniform of dark green and grey.








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Paul Coulston

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Helston County Secondary School

“Helston County Secondary School, 1971,” cornishmemory.com, accessed April 15, 2024, https://www.cornishmemory.com/item/HGS_022.
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