About the MemoryFish Project

Many photographs, films and audio recordings of the history of fishing in Cornwall have been preserved in the private collections of individuals, families, and businesses.

It is important that this heritage is documented and recorded before this period passes from living memory, or collections are lost forever. Azook's MemoryFish project aims to digitise historic photos, films and audio recordings so that these memories are preserved for the future.

The MemoryFish Project is funded by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG), which receives investment from the European Fisheries Fund and the Marine Management Organisation.  The administration for the FLAG is managed by Cornwall Development Company.

The copyright of the originals remains with the contributors who received a master digital copy of the material.

Aspects of the collection will be incorporated into learning materials for Cornish schools through the Sense of Place online library.

Marine Management Organisation

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)Supported by the European Fisheries Fund